06 September 2012


Being in Tirana the past days made me realize how many knockoffs are out there in the streets so me and my best buddies went "investigating" some places that sell fake accessories. To be honest, there are some really good copies. Here are some interesting accessories I found:
Cèline bag: 300
Like seriously, you would buy a fake bag for 300€??? That's crazy when you can get an authentic Michael by Michael Kors tote for 250

Hermès belt: 45
If the H buckle is matte then most probably it's a fake.
 Christian Louboutin Super Dombosle:120
Bordeaux and rough sole, not red, smooth and shiny like the authentic ones.

Here's the thing, you just bought a fake designer bag and you love it. It's a good replica, some people can't really tell the difference, others couldn't care less. 
The question that you should ask yourself is: why did you buy it in the first place?
Did you buy it because it's practical and stylish? It's a bag after all, a functional item. You didn't pay a lot for it so you don't mind if you accidentally spill Coke on it. 
Did you buy it because most people can't tell its a fake so you can go around braging for your new arm candy that you can't afford? If the answer is yes, here are some things you need to know:
1. It's illegal to sell or buy fake designer handbags
2. Your replica bag won't stand the test of time because of the low quality materials used in it. On the other hand, companies selling luxury goods will repair your damaged bag as long as you wish. 
3. I bet you don't want to know what the girl passing you by thinks of your fake bag if she is carrying the authentic one. Anyone who owns designer bags can spot a fake easily. 
5. Try to avoid wondering in designer stores with a fake bag, the staff would ignore your presence or even worse, ask you to leave and this would be really embarrassing. 
4. You know your bag it's a fake no matter how much you tell yourself it looks just as good as the real one.
6. Companies who manufacture designer handbags spend a lot of money designing, manufacturing, trademarketing, promoting and marketing their products.  How would you like it if someone copied your graduation thesis and handed it as their own?

In my honest opinion, people shouldn't stress so much about designer goods, they are just whims that you can perfectly live without if you can't afford them. Style is something that money can't buy. You don't have to spend 850€ for a Rocco Duffel by Alexander Wang when you can get this one at H&M for 40€ and still look like a rock star. Anyway, it costs a month’s salary to buy a genuine article which for many is way too much, but if you really like your arm candy, why not set a little aside each month and treat yourself to the real thing. For me, it was well worth it. 

 I wish you a wonderful day
P.S: Upcoming next: How to spot a fake LV tutorial, so keep following :)



  1. Thanks for sharing:)

    I would suggest to include also original Moschino Belt.
    The Redwall stamped on each gold letters, the different color from the two sides of the belt and engraved Moschino, Redwall and numbermake on the interior side of the belt makes the authentic of this very used accessory for the fashionistas


    1. Thank you so much for sharing. I didn't know any of this :-*

  2. Actually, Hermes H belt buckles do come in a brushed metal finish. Check the Hermes website.

    1. Really, I checked the website before posting it but I didn't find any. Thank you for letting me know

  3. You're a little harsh with what you say. Thank God a hundred times that you can afford buying so called ''arm candies'' and stop judging others who can't.

    1. I am very grateful for everythinh I own, even for my h&m shirts. I was just expressing how I feel about counterfeiting, it's my blog after all where I share my thoughts and opinions


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